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Message from Chairman

Culture is the spirit and soul of a nation. Cultural strength and competitiveness is an important symbol of national prosperity and national rejuvenation. Nowadays, corporate culture has increasingly become important to enterprise cohesion, soft power and competitiveness. Under the guidance of the socialist core values since its foundation, CITIC Guoan Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guoan Group) insists on using its corporate culture and corporate philosophy of Guoan To Be No. 1 to lead the development and unite the staff, so that the company can struggle to success with firm conviction and high morale.

To achieve its ambitious goal, Guoan Group is still facing many opportunities and challenges and urgently needs to build the corporate culture suited to its development strategy. The leaders of Guoan Group insist on corporate reform and vigorously promote the strategy of strengthening corporate with culture. Thus, Guoan Corporate Culture Handbook is finalized through summarizing, refining and improving the corporate culture during the course of decades of its development.

As a guide to excellence, Guoan Corporate Culture Handbook constructs a complete corporate culture system, which is the values and codes of conduct followed by Guoan Group and its employees. Guoan To Be No. 1 is the essence of Guoan corporate culture. Contention is not only an attitude but also a determination. and a pursuitof value and excellence.

The everlasting foundation of Guoan Group relies on the support of corporate culture. This will need the Guoan employees to practice and improve Guoan culture, advocate and promote corporate culture, and comply with the corporate value and codes of conduct consciously.

With the inexhaustible motive force by implantation of Guoan Corporate Culture Handbook, Guoan Groupcan lead the tide and create greater glories.

Guoan, to be No. 1.