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CITIC Guoan Travel Investment Co., Ltd. was established in May 2014 with the registered capital of RMB 800 million. As one of the seven wholly-owned subsidiaries of CITIC Guoan Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Guoan Group), Guoan Travel is formerly known as CITIC Guoan International Conference Exhibition Co., Ltd. (Grand Epoch City) that was established in October 1992.

The business scope of the company includes property management, project investment, asset management, convention and exhibition, organization of cultural and art exchanges (excluding performance), rental service of commercial residence, and investment consulting.

Its subsidiaries include:

Beijing Guoan Property Management Co., Ltd.

Sanya Palm Beach Resort & Spa Co., Ltd.

China Posts & Telecom Tours

CITIC Guoan International Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. (Grand Epoch City)

Beijing Jinglong Plaza Property Management Co., Ltd.

CITIC Guoan Travel Investment Co., Ltd. Beijing Jingshanxuan Branch

Guoan Longchao (Beijing) Technology Investment Co., Ltd.

Beijing Guoan Property Management Co., Ltd.

Beijing Guoan Property Management Co., Ltd. was established in April 1996 and its business scope includes property management, accommodation service and convention service.

The company mainly operates Guoan Hotel and Guoan Plaze. Located in the central business district (CBD) of Beijing, the company covers an area of 5.3 acres with a total construction area of 28,300 square meters, among which the construction area of Guoan Plaza is 18,300 square meters and that of Guoan Hotel is 10,000 square meters. As a three-star hotel, Guoan Hotel has more than 50 rooms and Beijing Municipal Tourism Bureau won Capital Best Corporate - Zijin Cup for three times.


Sanya Palm Beach Resort & Spa Co., Ltd.

Sanya Palm Beach Resort & Spa was established in January 1995, and its business scope includes hotel rooms, catering, fitness and massage, bowling, swimming pool, beauty salons, cultural and recreational service, flight tickets agent, tobacco and wine, handicrafts, calligraphy and painting, food, household appliances, and sporting goods.

Sanya Palm Beach Resort & Spa is a five-star seaside resort with beautiful gardens. Covering an area of 60 acres, the total construction area of the hotel is 30,000 square meters. Equipped with convention and recreational facilities, the hotel has 379 rooms classified as standards room, suits and villas.

Due to its beautiful surrounding, romantic atmosphere as well as considerate and professional service, the hotel attracted 15 renowned photography studios and the presidents of 8 photography associations and member units upon its first promotion of the resort for its photography base. For its good reputation, the hotel has become the first and well-known resort themed marriage celebration in Sanya.


China Posts & Telecom Tours

China Posts & Telecom Tours (CPTT) was established in December 1994, and its business scope is domestic and international travel business, inbound and outbound tourism business, overseas and domestic tourism of foreigners in China upon approval, international convention and exhibition contracting, related consulting services to the travelers, and training on tourism.


As one of the most famous and influential international travel agencies in China, CPTT has been awarded as China Travel Agency Top 100 issued by National Tourism Administration and Beijing International Travel Agency Top 20 issued by Beijing Municipal Tourism Bureau. As one the earliest cruisers in China, 7 Sea Cruisers of CPTT is the professional agency to provide global cruiser service.


CITIC International Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. (Grand Epoch City)

The CITIC Guoan Grand Epoch City is a cultural travel hotspot invested by the CITIC Guoan Group and operated by CITIC Guoan International Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd., with a variety of services including convention and exhibition, sightseeing, holidaymaking, entertainment and fitness, shopping and cuisine, filmmaking, cultural performances, as well as health and elder service. The city is situated in the golden region at the junction of the capital, Tianjin city, and Hebei Province --- The Hebei Xianghe Economic and Technology Development Zone, 52 km from Beijing, and 70 km from Tianjin, spanning over 3320 acres, with an architectural space of 540,000 square meters, and a total investment of almost 7 billion RMB.

The CITIC Guoan Grand Epoch City displays the essence of the ancient and present cultures of China, and the beauty of Chinese architecture. It is a conglomerate of ancient-styled Chinese buildings that combines classical times and modern times, history and culture, the science and the arts, as well as leisure and fitness. On the outside, the CITIC Guoan Grand Epoch City resembles the look of Beijing during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and, within, the town embodies the essence of the architectural prowess of China throughout its thousands of years of history: seven inner gates, nine outer gates, the imperial palace and royal residence, the commoners’ market, teahouses, and restaurants, the famous eight scenes of the Yuanming Garden of Beijing, twenty two city gateways, and ten miles of old castellated walls. Every tile and every brick, every plant and every tree, every statue and every carving inside can be traced back to the Old Beijing and five thousand years of Chinese history for their roots. Inside the scenery ever so rich in Chinese culture, the kiosks and towers, the bending alleyways, the painted and engraved columns and beams, the water lilies and the still surfaces, all found within the conglomerate of ancient-styled buildings, as well as the meticulous royal garden, as embody perfectly the decorative styles of classic Chinese garden art.

CITIC Guoan Grand Epoch City has 2000 guest rooms, 18 restaurants of various cuisines, and 60 conference spaces. It has a capacity for over 3000 guests, and its restaurants can serve a total 11,000 customers at any point in time, and it can serve as a conference venue for over 10,000 people. The total inner exhibition floor space spans 37,000 square meters, and it is presently one of the largest international exhibition centers in the country. For example, the 7th G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’ Conference was held here to great success in October 2015, the First Annual Conference of International Anti-Corruption Academy in October 2006, and the 3rd Strategic Dialogue between China and the US in December 2007.

Over the course of development of many years, the CITIC Guoan Grand Epoch City has become a national AAAA rank scenic spot, as well as one of the thirty most beautiful places in Hebei. It is also a set place of hospitality services for important national political bodies, educational base for national defense, Langfang City’s patriotic education center, center for artistic activities of Chinese youths, and, in recent years, it has been rated one of five largest conference hotels in China, one of ten most unique conference hotels in China, the greenest conference center in China, as well as one of the most creative holiday hotels in China.



Beijing Jinglong Property Management Co., Ltd.

Beijing Jinglong Property Management Co., Ltd. was established in March 1993 and its business scope includes property management, rental service of business offices, labor service and catering service.

Located at Chaoyang Beilu, East Third Ring Road, the golden area of Beijing Chaoyang CBD, Jinglong Plaze covers an area of 1,074 square meters and total construction area of 20300 square meters. With 25 floors, the build is of 80 meters height. Jinglong Plaze is south to Fortune Plaze and CCTV, north to the beautiful Tuanjiehu Park, east to the East Ring Road, and west to the extending line of Chaoyang Beilu. Although the competition of office rental market is very fierce, Jinglong Plaze maintains a 95% occupancy rate.


Guoan Jingshangxuan Co., Ltd.

Established in February 2015, Guoan Jingshangxuan is a professional company in artwork controlled by CITIC Guoan Travel Investment Co., Ltd. Its business scope includes Chinese painting, calligraphy, oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, equipment, contemporary ink painting, art exchanges, and exhibitions. 

With the aim to promote national culture, calligraphy as well as painting and mission to operate and advocate Chinese painting and calligraphy, Jingshangxuan is dedicated to building a platform for the collection and communication of artwork and introducing new artists and new works. Jingshangxuan offers long-term hire of the masters in contemporary painting as the artistic adviser in order to flourish the calligraphy and painting market. In collaboration of the fellows of artists in China and the world, it makes all efforts to build Jingshangxuan as an art gallery of high cultural taste with the Guoan spirit of pursuing the best and No. 1 of every competition.


Guoan Longcha (Beijing) Technology Investment Co., Ltd.

Guoan Longcha (Beijing) Technology Investment Co., Ltd. was established on August 10, 2015. Based on the resources of CITIC Guoan Group, in the spirit of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, and in collaboration of the industrial partners, Guoan Longchao provides multi services of Group Innovation Space (GIS)+COffice+Convention; in addition, it provides technical and operational backup, financial service, property conversion service, and personnel training to the entrepreneurs, innovation projects, college students venture team and growing SMEs, with the aim to build an entrepreneurship ecosystem in the new era with advanced industrial services supporting.


Nine modules of Guoan Longchao:

Longchao Space, Longchao COffice, Longchao Convention and Exhibition, Longchao Lectures, Longchao Community, Longchao Venture, Longchao Broadcast, and Longchao Beijing Office.