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CITIC Guoan Group holding Working Conference 2016

Release time: 2016-06-20

Enliven mechanism and deepen reform for comprehensive transformation and innovative development

From January 26 to 27, 2016, CITIC Group held the working conference 2016 in Grand Epoch City and totally 197 persons attended the meeting including representatives of Guoan shareholders, board of directors, board of supervisors, members of the executive committee, members of the management team, staff from the functional departments and wholly owned subsidiaries and controlled subsidiaries.

At the meeting, on behalf of the executive team, Mr. LIU Xin, the general manager of CITIC Guoan Group, made an overall summary of the works in 2015 and deployed the key works in 2016 in his themed working report Enliven mechanism and deepen reform for comprehensive transformation and innovative development. He pointed out that 2015 was the first year when CITIC Guoan Group fully completed the mixed ownership restructuring and started to implement the strategy of Internet + Finance and Internet + Industry; in 2015, the revenue, gross profit, net profit and total assets of the company increased at a double-digit growth rate. In 2015, on the basis of the successful restructuring, the company constantly strengthened the mechanism innovation, fully provided the financial services, focused on capital operation, actively promoted real estate business, enhanced the strategic transformation, improve the capability of CITIC Guoan Group to create value, and the major business and key projects were in smooth progress. The company continuously improved the party building, formulated the approach of the party building Three Changes, Three Non-changes, Three Innovations in combination of the reform practice, carried out the themed training on the three guidelines for ethical behavior and the three basic rules of conduct, actively implement the requirement of Two Responsibilities, successfully completed the various tasks of the special inspection of the Central Committee of CPC, and offering a strong system guarantee for the development of the company. In 2016, CITIC Guoan Group will adhere to the strategy of Internet + Finance and Internet + Industry, enliven the mechanism, deepen reform for comprehensive restructuring and innovative development, further improve the decision-making mechanism, encourage the innovation of the employees, improve the overall capability of risk management and information management, and expedite and promote the listing of the company; the company will further strengthen the management of the subsidiaries, specify the ROI and net profit growth; also the company will enhance the leadership of the party and the governance of the company, seek new ways and methods to exert the function of the organizations of the party in the company, and make efforts to promote the business and improve the party building.

Mr. LI Shilin, the chairman delivered an important speech and fully affirmed the efforts and performances gained in 2015 by the executive team. Mr. LI pointed out that these achievements were results of the company restructuring and results of the hard work of the executive team, especially the collaboration of the original and the new members of the executive team greatly promoted the reform and development of the company. The party building exerted the important political functions; the successful completion of the special inspection of the central committee of the party played an important role for the company to maintain the correct political orientation and promote the stable development of the company. Chairman Li stressed the need to keep the flexible mechanism, strengthen the leadership of the executive team and build a team capable of challenge difficulties. The company should improve the incentive mechanism to fully stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of the leaders and employees; the company should attract talents in a more flexible way and strengthen the construction of the talent team. In the new year, led the shareholders and the board of directors, the company shall continue to take the advantage of restructuring, make efforts and work hard to realize the sustained and healthy development of the company and let the leaders and the employees to share the fruits of the company restructuring and business development.

As a key part of the agenda of the meeting, the general managers of the CITIC Guoan Group, Mr. LI Xiangyu, CUI Minghong, DU Jun, the president of the union, Mr. LIU Xin interpreted the systems of investment management after the restructuring from different perspectives. The attendants also discussed the principle, working report and system of Chairman LI’s speech and offered their suggestions and expectations.

During the meeting, Mr. LIU Xin, the general manager, discussed and communicated with the attendants. He pointed out that the restructuring of CITIC Guoan group changed the system and mechanism, and the company had more say on business scope and talent introduction. In the next step, the company will adhere to the development idea of innovation, firmly establish the strategic thinking of Internet+ and rebuild the value of the company business to realize rapid development.

In her speech, the secretary of the party committee, Ms. XIA Guilan emphasized that the achievement of CITIC Guoan Group relied on the mutual respect and mutual support of the capable leaders. They considered the general interests, understand the general situation, and had the courage to be responsible for their duties during the special inspection of the central committee of the party. Later, CITIC Guoan Group shall strengthen the leadership of the party and fully exert the role of the party; also the company shall take advantage of restructuring and realize the innovative development of the company; next, the company shall use the incentive mechanism and motivate the enthusiasm of each parties to make contribution to the company.

In his speech, Mr. LUO Ning, the vice chairman, noted that there were new changes along with the restructuring of CITIC Guoan Group. First, the company shall create a fair and reasonable platform for the employees to compete with each other; secondly, the company shall adapt to the new mechanism and work hard for pioneering and innovation; thirdly, the company shall strengthen the brand building to realize the cultural heritage; fourthly, the company shall enhance the system construction and improve the initiative to implement the system; fifthly, the company shall enhance the building of the executive team and pioneer for innovation in collaboration of each other.

During the meeting, the attendants also watched the videos to advocate CITIC Guoan Group. The video briefly showed the progress of CITIC Guoan Group in the recent thirty years, introduced the progress of each business, presented the overall image and corporate culture of the company and actively cohered and inspired the employees.

General Manager LIU Xin presenting Report

Secretary of the party XIA Guilan delivering Speech 

Vice Chairman LUO Ning lecturing

Chairman LI Shilin delivering Speech

The attendants watching video to advocate CITIC Guoan Group