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CITIC Guoan MGL won First Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award 2015

Release time: 2016-06-20

Beijing Science and Technology Awards Conference 2016 and Beijing Science and Technology Working Conference 2016 were held in Beijing Conference Center in the morning of February 19, 2016. The project Development and Application of Lithium-ion Battery Power System Balancing Power and Energy of CITIC Guoan MGL won the first prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award 2015.

The development and application of Lithium-ion battery system with high reliable belongs to the area of energy science, and the technology owned by CITIC Guoan MGL Force Technology Company is developed to meet the urgent needs of the end users of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and special pure electric vehicles in terms of the energy and power of the battery. The successful development of the power battery system can solve the short driving mileage for one charging slot of the electric vehicle in actual operation, and in addition, it can find the optimal balance among energy and power, the two contradicting indicators as the technology fully takes into account the demand of electric vehicle for power issues, such as acceleration performance, energy recovery and quick charge etc.

At present, the technical indexes of this battery system have led the industry. A dozen of technology patents have been applied and 7 key technology patents have been conferred to this technology. The battery has been widely applied in the plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, quick charging bus, trolley bus and the direct charging bus. Currently, the main vehicle customers include BAIC Foton, Zhengzhou Yutong, Zhong Tong Bus, Xiamen King Long Bus etc. Relying on its advanced technical performance, CITIC Guoan MGL received positive feedback for the application of the technology from the main vehicle customers.

Over the years, CITIC Guoan MGL steadily enhances the independent research and innovation of the key technologies through continuous investment in research and development. In 2015, the accumulated sales revenue of MGL exceeded RMB 1 billion yuan and it gained more than 30% of the market share of high-power lithium-ion battery for new energy bus in China. The successful development and application of the project will greatly promote the rapid and better development of the new energy bus industry in Beijing and China and thus has good social and economic benefits.