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The Union of CITIC Guoan Group Celebrated Women’s Day

Release time: 2016-06-20

On March 4, 2015, with the aim for the women employees to spend a happy holiday, the Union of Guoan Group organized activity the in Jing Shang Xuan, Guoan Art Gallery to celebrate the Women’s Day. The women employees of all subsidiaries enrolled with enthusiasts and about 60 women representatives attended the activity.

Ms. XIA Guilan, the secretary of the Party committee of Guoan Group first delivered speech and expressed her regards to the women employees. Subsequently, the activity began. Everyone enjoyed the Guqin music performed by the musician from Bai Cao Tang, and then they listened to the lectures with regard to the collection of calligraphy and painting as well as jewelry appraisal by the staff from Jing Shang Xuan and jewelry appraisal agency. Finally, ikebana expert explained the essential and artistic ideas to arrange flowers. The women employees showed great interests and they presented excellent works within short time. Everyone enjoyed this happy Women’s Day.