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Creating a Sunrise Industry,Embrace the Sunset Group —— Beijing Guoan Invited Professor Wang Laizhu, Expert of National Pension System, to Set up the Lecture on Pension

Release time: 2016-09-02

    Recently, sponsored by the Civil Affairs Bureau of Beihai and undertaken by Beihai CITIC Guoan Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Guoan Lecture was held in the CITIC Guoan-Beihai First City Exhibition Center. The famous pension expert Professor Wang Laizhu, former Director of the General Office of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Press Spokesman, the incumbent Inspector of Social Welfare and Charity Promotion Division of, Ministry of Civil Affair, President of Republic of China Pension Planning Institute, Member of National Pension Service Experts Committee, was invited to give a lecture entitled Constructing Pension System, Developing Pension Industry. There are more than 100 people attended the lecture, including the leaders of Beihai municipal Party committee and government, the directors of the relevant departments of Beihai, the representatives of Beiahi pension and medical unit and the reporters from the main news media of Beihai.

    In the lecture, combined with China’s current pension system and industrial development, Professor Wang Laizhu put forward that we should confront the severe challenge brought by the aging of population. We should learn from the advanced experience of international brand pension, construct the pension system in our country, form a “Four-Wheel Balanced Drive” dynamic mechanism and fully develop pension and health services, to create a new model and brand integrating health, pension and tourism.

    “CITIC Guoan-Beihai Grand Epoch City” is a major tourism complex project carried out by Beihai CITIC Guoan Industrial Development Co,. Ltd. It is located in the southeast of Guangxi Beihai, covers an area of 6676 acres, planning construction area of about 3million 290 thousand square meters, with 7.9 kilometers of coastline and more than 2000 acres of mangroves, which total investment is over 30 billion yuan. It is the first line sea eco-tourism project, which has the largest scale and the longest coastline in Beihai, even in Gunagxi. The project has three characteristics: high planning, large investment and strong drive. It will be built as a comprehensive ecological tourist resort, integrating theme park, cultural tourism, finance, business and leisure. It would become a tourism complex, having strong influence in Guangxi, South China region and even the whole country, and directly dive related industries around which would value hundreds of billion yuan.

    CITIC Guoan always attaches great importance to the development of pension industry. The company set up the Beijing Guoan Pension Company which focuses on the pension industry. It is committed to provide trusty, harmonious, positive, reassuring and happy care services for the elderly in China.

    Beihai Guoan, adhering to the enterprise spirit of CITIC Guoan, takes full advantage of Beihai’s unique geographical advantages and learns from the advanced experience of domestic and foreign brand pension project. We work hard for making CITIC Guoan-Beihai Grand Epoch City become a high-end health base, which foundation is building a home for the elderly, relying on community service and combining resort and health. Company has taken 3#building of the phase I project as the apartment for the aged. We regard promoting and improving the quality of the life of the elderly and realizing a harmonious society as our responsibility. We strive to build a leading brand of Beihai pension services, and provide powerful resources support for the development of Beihai’s pension industry.

    Beihai Grand Epoch City, a beautiful city will rise up on the beach. It will become the “Paradise for leisure and health, Holy Land for health care”. It will open arms for every old people. The sight of setting sun is infinitely good, why should one be melancholy near dusk!



Professor  Wang