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CITIC Guoan Wine Attended Xinjiang Tianshan Mountain Northern Foot - Manas Wine Region Endemic Convention

Release time: 2016-09-02

     On July 26, “Xinjiang Tianshan Mountain Northern Foot - Manas Wine Region Endemic Convention” (hereinafter referred to as the Endemic Convention) was successfully held in Manas, Xinjiang, which caused a sensation in the field of wine domestic and abroad.

     It was sponsored by People’s Government of Manas County, Xinjinag Brewing Industry Association, CITIC Guoan Wine Co., Ltd and jointly organized by Shanghai Morning News and Taste Spirit -Education.

     The participants of the convention include: Ba Dai, Vice Chairman of CPPCC of Xinjiang Autonomous Region; Yao Jianjun, Member of the Standing Committee of Changji State; leaders at all levels of Autonomous Region, Changji, Manasi County; Wang Zuming, Deputy Secretary General of China Wine Association and Secretary General of Wine Branch; Duan Changqing, Chief Scientist in Modern Industrial Technology System of Wine in China; Su Bin, Vice Chairman of CITIC Guoan Wine; Fred Naulear, Chief winemaker, as well as top wine experts from all over the world: Bernard Burtschy, the wold famous wine critics and the leader writer of the Wine Column of Le Figaro, France; Andres Sanchez Westhoff, Chile’s most famous wine consultant, dry type endemic and old vine wine expert, the founder of Independent Brewers Association; Petr McCobie, Master of wine, well-know wine writer, the Spanish hot dry type endemic expert; Malcolom John Reeves, professor at Massey University in New  Zealand, the Counselor of Ministry for Primary Industries of New Zealand Government. Besides, another more than 100 enterprises and media guests also participated in the convention.

     On the basis of the field visit to Manas Vineyard and winery belonged to CITIC Guoan Wine, on the behalf of wine enterprises in Manas area, the domestic and foreign experts passionately contrasted and shared their planting and brewing experience at the seminar.

     As a bright spot in this conference, Duan Changqing, Director of the Grape and Wine Research Center, China Agricultural University and Chief Scientist in Modern Industrial Technology System of Wine in China, combining with his 7 years’ field study cooperated with CITIC Guoan Wine in Manas, released his endemic research data report Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Style’s Exploration and Curing in the Northern Foot of Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang Manasfor the first time at the conference. He used scientific methodology and detailed data to explain the “endemic condition”. He pointed out that before science and technology getting connected, the formation of many high-quality wine region styles, or the curing of sub wine region characteristics, is relied on the wine makers’ brewing technology accumulated generation by generation. China is a new industry developing country and we adapt “Backward Induction” to speed up the process. That is to say, we study the relationship between the local endemic characteristics and the wine style firstly, and then sum up the appropriate technology by applying scientific method. Fin ally, the style can be reflected in the wine.

     Duan Changqing went deep into Manas region for years. He led the cooperative scientific research team combined by China Agricultural University and CITIC Guoan Wine and spared no efforts to research. They investigated local soil condition and climate, carried out experiment and research on sub wine region, varieties introduction, improvement of tree shape, regulation of canopy, photosynthetic efficiency, etc. Based on these studies, they obtained some effective planning and brewing methods, such as “precision control, directional brewing”. According to the methodology, Professor Duan did the in-depth study on Cabernet Sauvignon wine wtyle’s exploration and curing in the northern foot of Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang Manas. The results of the study have important reference value for the selection and production of Cabernet variety not only in this region but also the whole China. This report would be a milepost the endemic study of China.

     The significance of the grant “Endemic Convention” is not only displayed the wine region at the northern foot of Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang Manas to the whole nation and the whole world. It is also a exchange event on endemic share and exploration by world top wine experts and CITIC Guoan Wine, which has studied Manas endemic condition for nearly 20 years. The holding of the convention promote the wine region at the northern foot of Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang Manas forward to the direction of region classification overseas. It laid the foundation of the new path, constructing the endemic characteristics of China wine region and typical development.


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