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Manasi Endemic Convention Started, Experts from Four Countries Visited the CITIC Guoan Wine

Release time: 2016-09-02

     On July 26, “Xinjiang Tianshan Mountain Northern Foot - Manas Wine Region Endemic Convention” (hereinafter referred to as the Endemic Convention) was successfully held in Manas, Xinjiang, which caused a sensation in the field of wine domestic and abroad. It was sponsored by People’s Government of Manas County, Xinjinag Brewing Industry Association, CITIC Guoan Wine Co., Ltd and jointly organized by Shanghai Morning News and Taste Spirit -Education.

     On the first day of the convention,Duan Changqing, Director of the Grape and Wine Research Center, China Agricultural University and Chief Scientist in Modern Industrial Technology System of Wine in China, as well as top wine experts from all over the world visited Mahe vineyard of CITIC Guoan Wine Industry and Manasi Winery, and also tasted a variety of wine brewed by CITIC Guoan Wine. The following are the foreign experts: Bernard Burtschy, the wold famous wine critics and the leader writer of the Wine Column of Le Figaro, France;Andres Sanchez Westhoff, Chile’s most famous wine consultant, dry type endemic and old vine wine expert, the founder of Independent Brewers Association; Petr McCobie, Master of wine, well-known wine writer, the Spanish hot dry type endemic expert; Malcolom John Reeves, professor at Massey University in New Zealand, the Counselor of Ministry for Primary Industries of New Zealand Government. The visit is the major schedule of the Endemic Convention on the first day. Wang Dong, General Manger of CITIC Guoan Wine Industry ; Chen Weimin, General Manger of Agricultural Company; Chen Wu, Deputy General Manager and Dong Xingping, Chief Agronomist accompanied with those experts during the course of visiting, using the most direct way to touch, feel and taste the unique endemic characteristics of Tianshan Mountain area.

     Mahe Vineyard is the one of three ecological vineyards built in the northern foot of Tianshan Mountain region by CITIC Guoan Wine Industry and the other two are Tianchi and Changji Tunhe vineyards. All the three are located in the Bogda Man and Biosphere reserve, set up by United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. They have been built over 20 years, which is rare in China.

     The burly main vines in the vineyard shows the average vine-age in the core region of Mahe Vineyard is over 15 years. According to the reports, there are even some vine plant around 1998, which belong to the existing “servicing” more old vineyards. They are regarded as the most precious wealth in the modern history of Chinese wine.

     After visiting Mahe Vineyard, these Chinese and foreign endemic experts continued to visit the Germplasm Resources Center. CITIC Guoan Wine has a long history. Beyond that, the experience and the results of scientific observation, which accumulated over 20 years, provide a solid foundation for the vineyard’s scientific field management. The company has set up cooperation relationship with China Agriculture University since 2009. With the technical support from Professor Duan Changqing and his research team, the new pruning and shape forming process which are more scientific and closer to local endemic features has been developed. At present, all the frame shape in vineyard are the single vine pruning. It guarantees the fruiting remain at the same height and conducive to the canopy management. In addition to that, it can let the grapes to maximize the accumulation of tannin, acidity and phenolic substances. In order to cultivate fine wine that more adapted to local climate and soil condition, CITIC Guoan Wine constructed a Germplasm Resource Center, which covered an area of total 50 acres. It cultivated 243 grape varieties and 25 rootstocks, to breed more drought-resistant and salt-resistant varieties.

     As a leading enterprise in Xinjiang, CITIC Guoan Wine also played an exemplary role in sustainable development of industry. According to the introduction, Mahe Vineyard has obtained green food certification in 1999 and 3253 acres of organic garden belonged to Tianchi Vineyard has obtained the national organic certification in 2015. Through the long-term observation, the study and analysis of seedling samples’ growth situation and fruit quality, the company fully understood the fit degree between the endemic condition in northern foot of Tianshan Mountain and different grape varieties and got a better understanding of the local natural environment. The company seeks more possibilities for the local wine industry and promoted the development of the whole business.


Visit of Mahe Vineyard