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CITIC Guoan Group held Special Report “Targets and Action Outlines on Internet + Transition”

Release time: 2016-09-02

     On August 1, as the Deputy Head of the Internet + Transition Working Group of CITIC Group and the Executive General Manager of CITIC Securities Information and Technology Center, Zhou Le made the special report entitled “Targets and Action Outlines on Internet + Transition of CITIC Group”, which held in Conference Center on the third layer of Guoan Building. There were about 80 people attended the meeting, including Liu Xiaoqing, Zhou Le, Deputy Head of the Internet + Transition Working Group of CITIC Group; Lu Yanling, Director of Information Management Department; Wang Ya, Senior Manager; the heads superior of the deputy manager of the functional department of Guoan Group and those superior of general manager assistant of subsidiary corporation. Liu Xin, General Manager of Guoan Group, hosted the conference.

     In the report, Zhou Le made in-depth analysis on the situation of internet + transition that CITIC Group was confronted with. And on the basis, he put forward the targets, strategies of the transition work and the action outlines of “3+2” program, and the “road map” that two-year’s implementation plan of CITIC. He pointed out that a new round of industrial revolution give the birth of new platform-based enterprises and the new platform elements proposed new operational requirements. Therefore, we should adapt to the characteristics of industrial revolution and the revolution in science and technology actively and explore solution to the problems of mechanism, system, technology, and organization etc. that encountered by the Group in the process of transition. The report said, the current task was to make the connection as soon as possible, put the user together and generate the data. At the same time, he also made specific comment on some achievements that Guoan Group has been made at internet+ transition. He made a more detailed introduction on how should the enterprise do to grab the user and find data, how to make good use of Guoan Community, Guoan Longchao, Guoan Football Club Post Bar, etc..

     Liu Xin, General Manager of Guoan Group, said: the main purpose of holding the thematic report was let people understand the targets and action outlines on internet + transition of CITIC Group, and enhance the awareness and ability of grasping the work of internet+ transition further, and constantly improve the ability and level of it. The transition of the internet is the theme of the times and we are all involved. Since 2015 when the development strategy of the company on “internet + finance” and  “internet + industry” was proposed, the business of Guoan Group has been involved in TV DVB+OTT platform, Guoan community, the city of internet and internet-enabled environment. In the future, Group will take industrial development as the main line, with the assistance of financial and data, and focus on developing innovative business in the internet and the field of science and technology.

     Xia Guilan, Party Secretary of Guoan Group, pointed out in the summary statement: Zhou Le’s report brought us a lot of inspiration. Firstly, Guoan Group should actively support and participate in the “internet+ transition” work of CITIC Group and do a good job in accordance with the general requirements of CITIC Group. Secondly, Guoan leading group of “internet+ transition” work should be set up. It would be responsible for the overall planning of Guoan internet and related work. In this way, the company’s ability of network information services and management would be improved gradually. Thirdly, according to the targets and action outlines on internet + transition of CITIC Group, we should take action and explore the internet+ transition” work in our own enterprises.