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Zhong Zhenzhen, Deputy Director of the Legislative Affairs Office of the NPC Financial Economic Committee, Investigated CITIC Guoan MGL

Release time: 2016-09-02

     On the morning of July 27, Zhong Zhenzhen, Deputy Director of the Legislative Affairs Office of the NPC Financial Economic Committee and Liu Shuang, Deputy Director of the Suggestion Office in Liaison department of NPC Standing Committee General Office, along with other members of the delegation investigated CITIC Guoan MGL Force Technology Co., ltd., accompany by Zhang Xi, Chairman of the Company; Zhang Zhongde, Deputy Standing General Manager, Deputy General Manager Wu Ningning, Zhou Chengdong, etc.

     Zhang Xi, Chairman of the Company, made an address first and delivered a warm welcome to the leaders at all levels attending to this investigation. Subsequently, in the product display area, Wu Ningning made a detailed introduction of MGL Co. in the aspects of their research and development of the battery base material, the research and development strength of integration technology in single electrical cores and system, the level of production technology and scale of production capacity, the range of market application and the layout planning of future production. In the course of visiting, Zhong Zhenzhen asked his concerned questions and Wu Ningning gave the answers one by one.

     Subsequently, Zhang Xi, Zhang Zhongde and other company leaders, accompanied with Zhong Zhenzhen group visited the production base of MGL. Zhang Xi said that in recent years, under the support of the national and Beijing new energy automotive industry policy, the company has obtained good development. Not only the company’s own R&D level has been significantly improved and economic effectiveness increased continuously, but also the company has made a positive contribution to the energy conservation and emission reduction in the field of China’s urban green public transportation and the commercial vehicles using by municipal and public sanitation departments. In addition, through expanding the product application areas continuously, the company has achieved a breakthrough in the application of some sophisticated technology field, such as China’s high-speed rail, aviation, national defense, military industry, etc.

The following people also participated in accompanying during this investigation: Lei Qiang,  Director of Confidential Supervision Department of Ministry General Office; Qu Guochun, Deputy Director of the Equipment Industry Division; Ma Chunsheng, Deputy Director of the Automobile Department of Equipment Industry Division; Wu Wei, Director of the Department of Machinery and Equipment of Development and Reform Commission Industrial Coordination Division; Wang Xuejun, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Committee; Zhu Xiaolong, Deputy Director of the Automobile Department; the comrades responsible for Ministry of finance and National Energy Board and the enterprise leaders of Shangdong Dongyue, FAW and Yichuan Electric Power.