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Beijing Guoan Community Service Promotion Center Awarded Employment Skill Training Program for the Disabled of Xicheng District

Release time: 2016-09-02

     On July 26, Beijing Guoan Community Service Promotion Center (hereinafter referred to as the Center) undertook Employment Skill Training Program for the Disabled, released by disabled federation of Beijing Xicheng District. Through the fierce rivalry with nine competitors, Center finally got the project after over 40 days’ effort.

     This project succeeded out of the competition according to Opinions on the Implementation of Disabled People’s Warm Homes’ Comprehensive Reform Pilot Work Carried Out in Xicheng District. Through competitive selection, the Center undertook the disabled employment skill training program of Shichahai Street. The amount of the project is 200,000 yuan, and the cycle is from the actual signing date to June 30, 2017.

     This project is a major project of Xicheng District. Disabled Federation of Xicheng District plans to explore the disabled employment training mode and extend it to the streets through a year of practice. At the same time, Center hopes to build it into a brand project of Beijing.

According to previous research results and combined with market demand for employment, the project plans to provide vocational training for 100 disabled people. The training content is integrated closely with employment, including cooking, massage, computer, hairdressing, tea art etc.  Through taking a variety of forms, such as conducting business guidance for the disabled having entrepreneurial intention, holding special job fair targeting the disabled and so on, the project can guarantee the realization of the right of the disabled in education, employment and social participation.