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Summer Carnival! Successful Grand Openning of Guoan Farm

Release time: 2016-09-06

      Located in the fang Mountain Qinglong Lake, Guoan Farm, held a grand opening on July 30, 2016. This event was hosted by CITIC·Guoan Homes, and undertook by Guoan Farm. There were nearly 100 guests participating in it, who all enlisted by Guoan Home WeChat platform.

       All the activities were around the same theme—— Guoan Farms Summer Carnival Party and included the visiting of Guoan Farm, Club and the Show flat of CITIC·Guoan Homes, as well as series of outdoor recreations. In the morning, the guests arrived at Guoan Farm by bus at 10. After the completion of signing-up and admission, they were guided to the greenhouse and club of Guoan Farm and the Show flat of CITIC·Guoan Homes. The guests were deeply interested in the various science and technology integrated systems that displayed in the flat, such as the intellectualization, the direct drinking water, Sanheng fresh air filtration and so on. After enjoying a big barbecue buffet that the farm prepared, they started their tour experiencing various of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, including hot air balloons, inflatable climbing, recreational fishing, indoor DIY, childrens playground indoor, which not only could meet the adults pursuit of stimulation, but also let the children have a real good time. The atmosphere during the program kept warm and high and this activity won high appreciation among our guests. They said: the farms hardware facility was available and a great diversity of entertainment facility could meet the needs of adults and children at the same time.

     In order to summarize the experience better, lay the foundation for the subsequent reception work and improve the hardware facility gradually, the staff issued questionnaires to the guests for their comments and suggestions in the end of activities. They all expressed satisfaction with the farm environment, activities organization and the staff.

     This event not only exercised the reception capacity of the farm staff, but also collected the suggestions on the farm hardware facilities, indicating the direction for the next work. At the same time, through the activities, the contact between CITIC Guoan and the outside world was strengthen, the client base was maintained and the CITICs brand image was consolidated in peoples minds.