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Celebration to the Structural Completion of CITIC GUO AN MANSION

Release time: 2016-09-07

     The ceremony to celebrate the structural completion of Building No.5 and No.7 in CITIC·GUO AN MANSION Project was held at 11:30, July 29, 2016. The leaders of CITIC Guoan Group Co., Ltd., CITIC Guoan Technologies Holdings Co., Ltd. and Beijing company attended the ceremony and delivered the first shovel of concrete for conically completion of Building No. 5.

     Ledby the correct guidance of leadership at all levels, all staff of Beijing company insisted on their initial determination, showing no fear of the difficult and hard work, with the high sense of responsibility, overcome the difficulties unpredictable at the policy and technology level and resolutely ensured proceeding the project construction on schedule. At the same time, they actively engaged in the development of innovative serial products of  Future Product. They have made the constant breakthrough on technology bottlenecks and unremitting efforts for developing CITIC·GUO AN MANSION Project into the first intelligent ecological community in China since the laying of the foundation stone.

The successful holding of the ceremony marked the initial implementation of the community innovation system in the future. With the Community of Tomorrow, the Office of Tomorrow and the Apartment of Tomorrow, etc., a series of core products accomplishment on schedule in CITIC·GUO AN MANSION Project, and not far in the future, the strategic conception of Guoan Technologies Holdings will also become a brilliant reality.

Before the ceremony, Mr. Liu Xin, the General Manager of CITIC Guoan Group Co., Ltd. inspected the progress of CITIC·GUO AN MANSION Project, listened to the project status report and provided the suggestive opinions.