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Guoan Community Holding Lecture on Sports and Health

Release time: 2016-09-29

        Recently, a lecture themed on “Sports and Health”was held in the East Lake of Guoan Community.  During the event, Zhang Haijing, the associate senior doctor at orthopedics and sports medicine department, explained the running knowledge and shared his experiences with more than 40 community night running lovers.

In the lecture, through the case analysis, he described the importance of scientific running in detail and its effect on human health from four aspects: the running injury causes, the most vulnerable parts, the injury treatment and effective prevention. In particular, he suggested that we should pay great attention to the health of our knees. Meanwhile, he taught the audiences a simple way the exercise the knee, which can be practiced at any time in daily life, such as waiting for the bus, going for a walk and so on.

Miss Su, the winner of the top three in Beijing City Marathon several times, talked about the importance to acquire running knowledge through her own experience.

East Lake holds community knowledge lecture every month. The authoritative experts are invited to give lectures and answer the questions that community residents encountered in their daily lives. The holding of this lecture played a positive role in improving the residents ‘consciousness of healthy running and reducing running injury.