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Leadership Seminar 2006 by Guoan Group

Release time: 2016-09-29

      Guoan Group held a leadership seminar in the purpose of strengthening the team construction and improving the leadership capacity and business capability of the leader team. According to the learning plan and leaders training program of Guoan Party Committee center group, there would be two seminars held in two sessions of August 29th - September 2nd, and September 5th- September 9th. In the morning of August 29th, Mr. Li Shilin, chairman of Guoan Group attended the opening ceremony and gave a speech, and Ms. Xia Guilan, the party secretary, presided and started the opening ceremony of the seminar. In total, about 120 people attended the seminar including the senior leaders of Guoan Group, deputy managers of the functional departments, deputy general managers of the subsidiary companies, the leading officials of the Party organizations, the chairman of the labor union, and the officials of the Youth league etc.

      Chairman Li stressed three aspects of the work in his opening ceremony speech. The first aspect is the party building of the company. He pointed out that the development of Guoan was not easy even now and one reason of this success is the consolidate work of Party building. Guoan party committee plays a key political role in the development of the enterprise, and offers a reliable political guarantee for the development of the enterprise through implementing the main responsibility of the party. The second aspect is the restructuring of Guoan Group. Chairman Li pointed out that after the restructuring, the group’s total assets reached over 160 billion yuan and the growth reached over 70 billion yuan compared with the original 90 billion yuan before the restructuring. The group’s net asset has reached 34 billion yuan. Since the restructuring, Guoan has insisted on the development patterns of internet + finance and internet + industry. In this way the financial business has made considerable progress and the company has also made tremendous improvement regarding the quantity and quality of the business. The third aspect is the discipline requirement. In the speech he interpreted the “Five Rules”, which was emphasized in the discipline inspection work conference of CITIC Group by the chairman Chang Zhenming. The enterprise leaders should play a leading role, complied with the disciplines and obey the laws, and implement the Party disciplines strictly. Also they should constantly enhance the political awareness, overall awareness, core awareness and model consciousness, and make contribution to the reform and development of the company.

      Guoan Party Secretary Ms. Xia Guilan introduced the training in the opening ceremony: the training was divided in to two stages: one is the political education and the professors from the Central Party School would be invited to give lectures; the other is the professional courses and the professors from Tsinghua University would give lectures. Secretary Xia made three requirements for the leaders who attended the seminar: First, define the purpose of the learning and improve the awareness; second, improve the professional capability through the help of the learning platform; third, cherish the opportunity of study and ensure the learning effect.

      In the first training stage, professors from the Central Party School focused on interpreting the spirit of speech given by President Xi Jingping in the celebration for Communist Party’s 95th anniversary, which further deepened the Party leaders’ understanding of the speech especially the understanding of the sentence “ Remember the original purpose, and keep on moving.” They explained the Chinese Communist Party Accountability Regulations with explanations through the actual cases. The professors guided people to do self-examination and self-discipline in the practical work and constrained their behavior in strict accordance with the standard of qualified party members. The participants have a new understanding of the scientific level of Party building in the new situation through learning of Party building work.

In the second stage, the professors from Tsinghua University focused on the explanation of the economic opportunities and challenges during the period of 13th Five-Year, promote physical investment through financial means, big data, business innovation in the global internet era and excellent execution and so on. The lectures were very helpful for the company leaders to recognize the current macroeconomic situation and the development strategy of Guoan after the restructuring, and push the development of the finance and industry through the internet platform, and enhance their management capability.

 In the three group discussions after class, everyone seriously combined the speech spirit with the knowledge learnt and personal practice, and shared their ideas with the group. They believed that this training was a good way to further strengthen the ideals and beliefs of Party members and leaders and intensify the individual’s party consciousness and discipline awareness, which has great benefits on self-cultivation. Meanwhile, it is also an excellent way to acquire business theory. The participants had a deeper understanding of the new economic norm in the 13th Five-Year period and a profound understanding on the development trend of the internet in the future. The training helped the leaders to establish the internet thinking, find way to integrate the internet, finance, and industry, so that they can consequently innovated business form and promoted the development of enterprises better and faster.

      The first session of the training ended successfully on September 2nd, and Mr. Luo Ning, the Vice Chairman of Guoan, attended the closing ceremony and gave a speech. He pointed out that the training had achieved the desired results and completed the training task successfully. It not only offers theory education, but also created conditions to work better in practice. In his speech, chairman Luo made three requirements. The first one is to grasp the development opportunities created with the internet, gather data and build cloud computing platform with Guoan characteristics. The second one is to enhance insight, practise skills and promote the industrial investment through financial means. The third one is to carry out party building work of the company.

Chairman Li Shilin delivering Speech

Vice Chairman Luo Ning delivering Speech

Party Secretary Xia Huilan delivering Speech

Training of the seminar